Tips for Maintaining a Sanitary Office Space

Tips for Maintaining a Sanitary Office Space

Now that people are coming back to work in person, keeping a clean workplace is vital. Being productive in chaotic, unorganized environments is nearly impossible. Nobody wants to work in filthy conditions.

Whether you’re a manager or an employee, everyone needs to work together to make things neat and tidy. Maintaining a sanitary office space is easy with a few simple tips. Implement them in your daily practices to make a meaningful change.

Organize Your Desk

If you want to improve your efficiency, you need a calm space to work. Organizing your desk will ensure that you have everything you need to be successful.

You can reduce clutter by digitizing your physical documents. If you can’t go completely virtual, invest in a filing system to keep your papers organized. It’s OK to have some personal items to decorate your desk, but be selective so that you don’t overwhelm your space.

Remove Trash Daily

Everyone accumulates trash. Debris has a way of occupying so much valuable square footage. Take your trash out every day to reduce the chaos, no matter how little you have.

If you want to conserve trash bags, try marrying other people’s garbage with your own. This way, you won’t waste valuable materials and can encourage others to keep the office clean and waste free.

Encourage Frequent Hand Washing

Maintaining a sanitary office space isn’t just about managing clutter. It’s also about controlling the spread of germs between coworkers. Encourage frequent hand washing by hanging signage that communicates good hygiene practices.

It’s also helpful to have several hand sanitizer stations around the workplace. You could also give out personal hand sanitizers with company branding to keep things clean. However, proper hand sanitizer disposal is essential, so be sure you have the right resources to handle your excess before bringing it into the office.

Disinfect Common Areas

While you’re sanitizing your hands, go ahead and disinfect other common areas that everyone touches. No matter how clean your hands are, you can still transfer viruses and bacteria through surface contact.

Develop a daily routine of wiping down phones, door knobs, countertops, and frequently-used machines. If you’re a manager, consider writing up a checklist and requiring everyone to maintain their own spaces. This way, everyone can contribute to cleaning the office.

Lead by Example

Or course, the best way to get anything done is by modeling the desired behavior. If you want to run a clean workplace, you need to lead by example. This is especially true for managers and others in leadership since employees look to you for guidance.

Let others see you caring for your surroundings and personal hygiene. If employees can observe you keeping a tidy space and enforcing cleaning policies, they are more likely to adopt those same habits.

Maintaining a sanitary work environment doesn’t need to be a hassle. Respecting your surroundings and caring about cleanliness will lead to higher levels of efficiency, improve your work ethic, and make your workplace an enjoyable place to be.

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