5 Online Businesses That Will BLOW in 2022

Online Businesses That Will BLOW

what is up future billionaires, In this article, we will discuss about three online businesses that will blow up in 2022. This is really good timing because you know that we are on the verge of a recession. There is definitely an economic downturn happening right right now so I really wanted to provide you all with this value so that you guys understand where are going to be some great areas that you can tap into as a business owner and a service provider to ensure that you do not suffer in this recession. I want you all to be recession rich okay recession rich so grab your notebook grab a pen and let’s get right into these gems.

We are going over three online businesses that are going to blow up in 2022 which will really help ensure that you stay above this recession. Learn About Money Making.

Online Businesses That Will BLOW in 2022

1. Podcast Editor 

First, one that I want to talk to you guys about is actually being a podcast editor now this may require you to learn a couple of new skills but nothing too crazy and that is because podcasts are blowing up a lot of people are starting podcasts as a way to make money. A lot of people are adding podcasts into their current business model as an additional way to make money so you can think about it.

Rather than me starting another podcast how do I be amongst this booming industry and making money as an editor of those podcasts and so there are a couple of different things you can do. Number one you can transcribe podcast audio for them and turn that into content and digital products you can also edit down the video version of the podcast to create mini clips for them to post on their page and then you can also actually edit the podcast the audio version and that is something you can learn in a matter of a few quick classes that I’ll make sure I provide the resources to down below so I wanted to make sure that you know showed you all that yes you can create a business that is the actual business of starting a podcast and et cetera you can also creating a business serving those who are starting the business of a podcast and in that regard you make a lot of money because people need their podcast edited they just want to be the talent like for me I love doing my podcast but if I had to try to figure out how to edit it’s a done deal right it would not be happening so that is a way that you can really tap in and podcast is going way up in 2022 and beyond so this is how you align yourself with this booming industry and create a booming business.

2. Community manager or Event Manager

The business that is going to boom in 2022 is being a community manager or an event manager. Now, this is really dope because events are still taking place. People are networking people are outside again since you know the pandemic and as well people are working to really build strong communities with their audience. So this is something you can organize and do online. These is also things you can do in person. So when I’m thinking about a community manager that means you being able to work alongside a social media assistant or better yet add that in or be a social media assistant and add in community management that means being able to take someone’s email list or take their following and really engage with the people to create that deep community. That means helping them to plan out events in the city that they live in and helping them to organize events for that community and that is something that you are really able to do and serve and then grow that business because once you put on one successful event. People that attend the event are like oh wow who planned this and boom that’s how you get another client. I can’t tell you how many event planners, I have secured from attending other people’s events it’s a great way to number one make money in your business. understand what communities are looking for and then boom be able to expand your network now.

3. Course Creators

The third business that I want to share with you all is assisting course creators with developing the concepts of their courses and ebooks and even making the slides for them. So I’ve shared with you all before that a great online business you can start is to create your own ebook.

how do you align yourself with a business that is already booming online learning e-courses and etc are set to increase another 10 billion dollars this year so this is how you make sure you get a piece of that 10 billion dollar industry even if you’re not sure what you would create a course or an ebook about. You don’t necessarily have to simply create a business being a resource to course creators and ebook creators and helping them to scale that product and that business and you by default are making money as well. So I always want you guys to be thinking about how can you be alongside of a boom that’s currently happening and not necessarily be doing what everyone else is doing but assisting those who are doing what is happening in the boom.

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