Ways To Spruce Up the Outdoor Patio at Your Restaurant

Ways To Spruce Up the Outdoor Patio at Your Restaurant

Patio season is officially here! Having the extra room to host casual business lunches, birthday brunches, or summer events is a great way to increase your brand awareness, reputation, and profits!

Here are ways to spruce up your restaurant’s outdoor patio to impress your guests as you host unforgettable summer events.

Create a Transitional Patio

Allow your guests to enjoy the cool summer night air while still protected from the elements. A transitional patio combines the best of both worlds and will keep your patio guests from feeling too separate from the rest of the restaurant. Transitional patios are more aesthetically pleasing than simply placing a few tables and chairs on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

Have Attractive but Practical Lighting

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your restaurant’s outdoor patio is by installing practical and attractive lighting. The lighting on your patio can go a long way in changing the ambiance. Use string, industrial-style, or recessed lighting for a more casual setting. For a cozy and intimate atmosphere, use eclectic chandeliers.

Add a Chalk Wall to Your Outdoor Patio

Adding a chalk wall to your outdoor patio invites creative children, teens, and adults to have fun while dining at your restaurant! Provide a bucket of chalk at the end of each table to ensure everyone can leave their mark. 

Before installing the chalk wall, there are a few dos and don’ts to creating a chalkboard wall, including installing the wall in an area protected from inclement weather. So, make sure the chalkboard wall has an awning or canopy over it.

Adorn Your Outdoor Space With Plants

Nothing levels up an outdoor patio more than beautiful plants. You can add hanging baskets, wall planters, and climbing vines to provide greenery to your patio. By adding plants to your restaurant space, more customers will love to take pictures at your establishment, thus encouraging their followers to want to visit your business.

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