Uncommon Modifications To Enhance Your Truck

Uncommon Modifications To Enhance Your Truck

Plenty of truck owners modify their trucks with a lift kit and step bar. Have you ever wanted something more unique? Here are five uncommon mods to enhance your truck.

Tonneau Cover: Keep Your Stuff Safe

One of the most practical options on this list, a tonneau cover is a great investment for any truck owner. It’s easy to install, not overly pricey, and sure to make your life a bit easier. Tonneau covers fold out over the bed of your truck to keep your stuff dry and secure while driving down the road. It’s also convenient, as it’s easy to fold out of the way momentarily while loading the truck bed.

Custom Exhaust: Let Them Hear You Coming

If you want people to know you’ve modified your truck, this might be the choice for you. A custom exhaust will make your truck sound better as you drive it. This mod can also increase the horsepower of your vehicle by up to 20 hp.

Upgraded Sound System: Get That High-Def Sound

Now this is an uncommon modification to enhance your truck that you and your passengers will love. Upgrade your sound system by replacing your stock speakers with something of higher quality. You’ll want to replace the speakers inside the doors and the head unit.

This modification is a bit of an investment but well worth it when you hear how much better your music sounds. Just don’t go overboard with the bass booster—your neighbors will appreciate it.

Fender Flares: Spruce Up Your Wheel Wells

Fender flares are a great choice if you’re driving an older model. Trucks tend to rust along the wheel wells, so fender flares can cover them up while adding some character and practicality to your truck. They’ll also give you a few inches of room if you want to add oversized tires.

A Turbocharger: Rev Up Your Engine

Turbochargers are expensive, but they can make driving your truck much smoother. This mod adds extra oomph to your engine, giving your truck more power. Before investing in this device, make sure your truck can handle the extra horsepower.

On some newer trucks, a turbocharger won’t make much difference; on older diesel trucks, they can make it handle beautifully. Be sure to select the right turbocharger for your truck for the best results.

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