4 Ways To Enjoy the Summer as a Dog Parent

4 Ways To Enjoy the Summer as a Dog Parent

Almost everyone looks forward to the sunshine, warm weather, and longer days that come during the summer months, but what do you do with your dog? Summer is an excellent opportunity to spend more time outdoors and away from home; however, dog owners know they can’t pick up and go wherever they want without considering their pup. Even though you can’t leave your dog at home for too long, you can take them on various adventures—consider a few ways to enjoy the summer as a dog parent.

Break Out the Kiddie Pool

If you want to stay home, but don’t have an in-ground pool, buy a kiddie pool. Even though you might not be able to immerse yourself entirely underwater, you can sit in it with your dog to cool down in the summer heat. Most dogs enjoy playing in the water, but some puppies might feel uncertain about it; that said, using a kiddie pool to familiarize them with water before a larger pool or body of water is an excellent training method.

Pro Tip

Choose a hard plastic kiddie pool—your dog’s nails might puncture the inflatable options.

Visit the Beach or Lake

Visiting the beach or lake is one of the ultimate summer activities, but you don’t have to leave your doggo at home. If the park is dog-friendly, you can bring them along for a new adventure. However, you should know a few tips for a dog-friendly beach trip to ensure it goes smoothly for everyone involved. Whether you walk along the water, play fetch in the sand, or sunbathe together, you and your pup will enjoy spending time on the water.

Go for a Hike Together

Hiking is an excellent summer activity for those who like to stay in shape and spend time in nature. With that in mind, going for a long hike might not be for everyone. While many dogs enjoy walking for hours, you might have to build up their endurance before taking an extended trip on the trails. If you and your four-legged friend are up for the challenge, hiking is a fun way to bond with each other and the great outdoors.

Go Dog-Friendly Camping

Camping is another option for connecting with each other and nature, but the campground or park must be dog friendly. Whether you go with friends, family, or just with your pup, camping is a perfect opportunity to sit around a campfire and stargaze. Dog-friendly campgrounds are also good places for your pup to meet new doggie friends to play with.

Now that you know a few ways to enjoy the summer as a dog parent, you can see that you don’t have to worry about leaving your furry friend for the entire day. Instead, you can plan outings for you both to do together.

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