The Best Places To Live for Expats Around the Globe

The Best Places To Live for Expats Around the Globe

The United States is home to millions of people. It has cities from sea to shining sea filled with their own cultures, cuisines, music, and histories. While die-hard Americans refuse to leave, some want to see what else the world has to offer. Known as expats, these are Americans who emigrate somewhere else. If this appeals to you, read up on some of the best places to live for expats across the globe.


Home to the three Abrahamic religions of the world, Israel is home to many American expats due to its rich Mediterranean climate, culture, cuisine, and tech-driven economy. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Americans are accepted and adored. Given the history of US-Israel relations, it’s no surprise that Americans find Israel historically and culturally rich. It’s also one of the few Middle Eastern countries where English is a dominant language. Many Americans thrive in the coastal city of Tel Aviv because of its extravagant nightlife, but Jerusalem, Haifa, and Eilat are also popular cities to call home.


Just south of the border, Mexico has become a sought-after expat destination. Its tropical climate means warm temperatures and relaxing atmospheres. Additionally, Americans spend less money in Mexico on rent and utilities than in the United States. While Spanish may prove to be a language barrier, since it’s just south of the United States, English is still a common spoken language. The capital, Mexico City, houses the largest expat population; however, it’s not the only option. Puerto Vallarta is a cheap coastal getaway that can comprise a third of what Americans should expect to pay for cost of living, food, and transportation back home.


Another one of is Canada. While it may not seem like the farthest getaway, Canada is still considered to be one of the best places to live for expats around the globe. Aside from Quebec where French is predominantly spoken, English is the main language. The Great North also offers excellent education, health care, and economic opportunities that exceed the United States. It’s also a natural paradise filled with mountains, glaciers, forests, beaches, and islands. Canada also has some of the most livable cities in the world for those with an urban focus.


Last but not least, consider Japan. Japanese culture is something to witness for yourself. Day-to-day life in Tokyo is full of activity—with anime conventions, video game tournaments, karaoke, and a buzzing technicolor nightlife. The country is also home to many active US military bases, so you’re bound to run into another American on the street or at the bar. While thousands of expats live in Tokyo, there is an increasing demand for English teachers across the country. Time to start packing.

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