Best Autumn Vegetables for Your Restaurant

Best Autumn Vegetables for Your Restaurant

One of the most vital aspects of running a restaurant is having a good relationship with food suppliers. Whether you get all your produce from local merchants or bigger distribution partners, it’s good to have a steady supply of healthy vegetables for your customers.

Fall is an amazing time when a lot of produce flourishes, which means it’s a great time to change your menu with seasonal items. Buying fall produce at a more affordable price is great for restauranteurs, so here are some of the best autumn vegetables for your restaurant to try out this season.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have become more popular than ever over the past few years, and they’re a fantastic option for seasonal menu items. Whether you want to offer a simple side, like sweet potato fries or tots, or a classic baked sweet potato, this is one autumn superfood you shouldn’t ignore.


Beets are something of an acquired taste, but they’re one of the best autumn vegetables for your restaurant. Beets are great for soups, salads, as a roasted side dish, or all on their own. Plus, the vibrant purple and red colors add charm to salads and other dishes.


If you’re looking for an exciting leafy green vegetable to bring to the table, you should always consider kale. Kale is healthy and versatile, and it works for almost any dish. You can make crunchy and delicious kale chips as an appetizer, mix kale in with your salads, or eat it raw as a topping for burgers and sandwiches. Kale might be such a perfect vegetable that it’s worth keeping it on the menu all year long.


Pumpkins might be the number one piece of produce we associate with the autumn season. They grow exceptionally well in the fall, making them plentiful and easy to work into the menu. From savory pumpkin soup to mouth-watering pumpkin pie, these distinct gourds, no matter what color, work well from Halloween through Thanksgiving when it comes to incorporating them into a seasonal menu.

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