Why Matchbooks Are the Environmentally Friendly Choice

Why Matchbooks Are the Environmentally Friendly Choice

You may not believe it at first, but matchbooks have more to offer than gas lighters. They are more dependable and much cheaper. You can count on them to always work, and they have been around longer, which is a testament to their usefulness. Let’s uncover and understand why matchbooks are the environmentally friendly choice so that you might look to it instead the next time you need a quick spark.

Matches are Completely Biodegradable

One thing we can say about matchbooks that we can’t say about plastic lighters is that they are completely biodegradable. If you were to use up all of your matches and litter them all over the ground, it wouldn’t take long for them to decompose and become part of the earth. With that said, you could even go so far as to use them to help grow your garden. This usability is starkly different from gas lighters that never break down, take up space, and kill ecosystems.

The Cardboard Packaging Is Recyclable

Did you know you can also reuse or recycle your matchbook’s packaging? The material that makes up matchbooks comes from cardboard, which you can recycle multiple times to make all kinds of things that people may need. So, instead of throwing your old matchbooks away, recycle them, and you’ll do your part to contribute to a better world.

Matches Don’t Affect the Ozone

While matches aren’t the perfect solution, as they rely on chemicals to ignite, they are certainly a much better alternative than gas lighters. Lighters emit constant fumes and vapors into the air directly, affecting the ozone layer. If we are ever to get out from under the environmental problems we have created, we must start making changes now.

Now you know why matchbooks are the environmentally friendly choice, so it’s up to you to spread the message. Plastic lighters are not the end-all-be-all; we have better options. The more people that hear this message, the more it will spread and the easier making a change will be.

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