Ways To Avoid a Speeding Ticket in California

The California sun can make you feel invincible, ready to hit the road runnin’. However, drive too fast down the road, and you can be met with an annoyance—a speeding ticket. Maybe you’re late for work, in a hurry, or want to get home to your favorite TV show; you still must abide by the traffic laws. This summer, make it a goal to go through the vacation season without a ticket.

To achieve this goal, keep reading to learn three ways to avoid a speeding ticket in California.

Take Your Time on the Road

Summertime is meant for making memories with your friends and family. This is the time of year when we plan more dinners, lunch dates, and fun around town. It can be easy to catch a bad case of FOMO when you’re running late. However, going above the regulated speed limit can result in an expensive speeding ticket. Remember to take your time on the road and drive safely. We promise you won’t miss out on all the fun.

Stick to the Middle of the Pack

If you can’t help but have a little need for speed, then you should stay in the middle of the pack. Cops are more likely to pull over the car in the front and the back of the group—even if the vehicles in front are going faster. It’s important to know that California has four major speed laws categorized by how fast you drive. The higher the clocked speed, the more expensive your ticket. Save yourself the risk by going the speed limit and sticking in the middle. Avoid driving in the passing lane because you’re more likely to speed and get pulled over.

Utilize Cruise Control

Another way to avoid getting a speeding ticket in California is by using cruise control. While this feature is a lifesaver, it’s best to use it when the traffic is steady. Cruise control allows you to drive at a constant speed without the risk of going too fast. We don’t recommend using cruise control if you’re in high-compacted or stop-and-go traffic.

Image by: Marko – License 187195534

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