Tips for Saving Money on Car Repairs at an Auto Shop

Tips for Saving Money on Car Repairs at an Auto Shop

A trip to the mechanic for repairs and replacement parts can be costly for many drivers. Our guide offers a few tips for saving money on car repairs at an auto shop that every driver can do.

Keep Up With Maintenance

The best way to save money on car repairs at an auto shop is to not need professional repairs at all! Stay out of the mechanic’s shop by keeping up with the maintenance and ensuring your vehicle is operating at peak performance.

Stay up to date with routine maintenance and services like:

  • Oil changes
  • Refilling fluid levels (coolant, transmission, etc.)
  • Filling tires to optimum air pressure
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Rotating tires

If you stay on top of these basic maintenance tasks for your vehicle, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding the auto shop.

Don’t Procrastinate

Many drivers are guilty of procrastinating regarding repairs and maintenance for their vehicles. Perhaps the most common car maintenance mistake drivers make is ignoring the warning lights on their dashboards.

A check engine light doesn’t come on for no reason—and pretending you don’t see it or that it’s not a big deal won’t make it go away. Often, procrastinating or ignoring a check engine light makes the damage much worse and the repairs more costly.

Get the Work Done All at Once

If your vehicle requires multiple repairs or replacements, it’s much more cost-effective to get all the repairs done at once instead of bringing the car to the shop numerous times. You can reduce labor charges and save money on the final bill by getting everything fixed at one appointment.

It may mean being without your vehicle for a longer period, but it’s typically worth the slash in labor charges when the bill comes due.

Read Reviews of Auto Shops

Finding a trustworthy auto shop that offers quality work and affordable prices can be tricky sometimes. Instead of showing up at the nearest mechanic and hoping for the best, research online and look for reviews and testimonials from other customers.

You shouldn’t let one review significantly influence your decision, but if there’s a recurring theme among all the reviews, it’s more than likely true.

Get Estimates From Other Mechanics

You don’t have to commit to the shop’s initial estimate even after you’ve settled on a mechanic and are ready to start the work. Consider seeking a second or third opinion from other auto shops by providing the information about the repairs and parts your vehicle requires.

You might find another shop that can do it for a lower price or offer more extensive warranties on your new parts.

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