The Benefits of Living Out in the Suburbs

The Benefits of Living Out in the Suburbs

The suburbs have existed for a few hundred years, but today’s sprawling suburbs came into prominence following the World War II economic expansion. Since then, cities and suburbs have continued to develop, increasingly welcoming newer residents. Cities have a lot of obvious benefits, like being closer to everything, but suburbs have their own unique pluses. Read on to learn about the many benefits of living out in the suburbs.

The Cost of Living

One of the clearest advantages of living in the suburbs is the decreased cost. Within cities, you must deal with inflated prices, and you end up spending more on housing smaller than what you’d find in the suburbs. Since the cities have so many people, businesses can increase their prices because of the demand and competition. In the suburbs, the same principle exists, but at a much smaller and cheaper scale.

Home Variety

One of the most apparent benefits of the suburbs is the home variety. Typically in the city, there are a few styles here and there, but as you step out toward the suburbs, there are all kinds of homes waiting for you to explore. You’ll find Spanish colonial-style homes, Mediterranean, contemporary, and ranch-style homes. You should know that ranch-style homes are perfect for the suburbs and embrace the open spaces and flow characterizing the suburbs today. Any one of these housing styles is perfect for suburban living, and you’re free to choose whichever fits your and your family’s needs.

The Space

Beyond price and home variety, the best thing about the suburbs is the availability of space. City planners have attempted to continually build urban areas to accommodate more and more people yearly, whereas people can move outward to the suburbs. Of course, it makes commute times longer, but soon, more businesses will travel outward as well. Because of these trends, there are always new housing developments with increasingly larger homes and yards, making the suburbs attractive to those escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are a lot of benefits of living out in the suburbs, and more will pop up as people continue moving away from cities. Of course, cities and suburbs also have their share of negatives, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. Do you want to live in a smaller place closer to activities, or do you want space at the cost of driving 10–20 minutes to get somewhere?

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