Smart Goal Setting Worksheet For Students And Employees

Smart Goal Setting Worksheet For Students And Employees

Smart Goal Setting Worksheet For Students And Employees

  • Daily Focus To Stay On Track
  • Boost Your Productivity
  • Stay Motivated & Achieve Great Things
  • Beautiful Greenery Design
  • Great To Start Any Time

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We all have some goals, some small, some big, some bold, and some safe goals. Some wish to become a painter, to achieve success, to take smart steps, to become a businessman, to buy a house, to eat healthily, to get high scores in exams, or to become the best among all the employees. The list Is endless. Goal setting is widely used to focus your unstable attention on the right activities. And for a better understanding of your goals and activities, whether you belong to a students group or an employee, or a business person you need a goal-setting worksheet for you.

Why Goal Setting Worksheet Is An Essential Tool For Everyone?

It is a daily goal planner-journal that combines the power of journaling and planning to help you achieve your goals and success in life, improve your productivity & time management, increase your happiness and improve your mental health. Unlike most goal-setting worksheets, this unique tool provides an equal focus for self-realization and emotional well-being.

What makes Goal Setting Worksheet unique?

  1. It is both a planner and a journal. The daily spread has two sides – the journal and the planner side. You can use the planner side on the left-hand side for setting your plans for your day; to write down your tasks and priorities. The worksheet side on the right hand can be used at the end of the day to reflect on daily activities, write down your appreciation list and express your thoughts and deepest feelings. Journaling before bedtime is a powerful habit used by many billionaires that are proven to improve one’s emotional happiness and health.
  2. In our current life activities, it’s easy to get lost in an ocean of every day goals and tasks. Too often, we miss focussing on the broad view or we prioritize work over health and family. It gives you space to classify your tasks under family, work& self-care. Eventually, you can rate your work, family, and self-care separately. This helps you to acknowledge which areas of your life need to be acted on.
  3. While most yearly goal-setting workbooks have a weekly spread (1 week in 2 pages), these worksheets have 2 pages for a day. This means you have a lot of space to write action plans and review your thoughts and not worry about limit your writing inside a small space.
  4. It has many engaging pages and prompts for self-contemplation. Pages like people who inspire me and gives me motivate, little things that make me joyful and happy, where do you see yourself after 5 to 10 years, pin your life important things priorities, places to go in life, lessons I learned this whole week or year, who is your midnight friends are fun to fill in, but at the same time helps you to take a break, think about who you really are, what matters the most to you, reflect and connect with your soul.
  5. Created for girls, boys, men, women, professionals, businessmen, and homemakers, this planner worksheet is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, become their best self, and become successful in life

Salient features of Find Your Balance

  • A5 size – easy to carry goal setter
  • Undated – can start any time of the month or year
  • 300 pages with 2 pages for planning and journaling every day
  • Goals timeline
  • Mood tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Monthly goals
  • to-do lists, appointments & birthdays
  • end of year reflections
  • Daily affirmations and gratitude
  • self-reflection page
  • Stickers & bookmark for use

This Smart Goal Setting Worksheet is Perfect for anyone who wants to stay organized and improve their quality of life.

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