How To Put Together Your Own Art Exhibition

How To Put Together Your Own Art Exhibition

A great way to catch attention in the art community is to participate in group exhibitions. These social events bring together amateurs and professionals to admire and encourage creative individuals to pursue their craft. An excellent way to get a little clout in the community and work with others is to host an event of your own. And to do that, you should have an idea of how to put together your own art exhibition.

Creating Your Theme

Themes are a vital part of hosting any get-together, and you want to decide upon it early to give every artist time to prepare. You want to pick a theme that’s broad enough that artists and patrons can relate to it but not so broad that pieces may lose all meaning. For example, a good starter theme is landscapes.

Picking a Venue

The venue is a crucial part of putting together your art exhibition, as this is where people will come and see your work on display. Do you want to hold an outdoor evening party under a patio or try to reserve some gallery space at a museum? When pitching your exhibition to a museum, you need to know how much space you require, will they need to mount the artwork, and what your theme is.

Another option that many artists use is shipping containers as an advantageous means of setting up a proper exhibition space with a more flexible location.

Getting the Word Out

Now that you have your theme and venue, you need to let people know when and where they can come to see your work. We suggest putting together a press release to send out to local newspapers and news sites while you maintain your social media presence. Make events on Facebook and spread the word on Twitter. Press and social media are great tools for letting people know where and when to come to your event.

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