How To Properly Prepare Your Car for the Summer

How To Properly Prepare Your Car for the Summer

Whether you have a road trip planned this summer or not, you need to tend to your car. It got you through the fall and winter, and you don’t want another season to pass without checking in on its condition. It may be a tough piece of machinery, but your vehicle still needs some TLC. Here’s how to properly prepare your car for the summer.

Tires and Tire Pressure

Fighting against snow, salt, and freezing temperatures is tough on tires. Even if you had snow tires or four-wheel drive, it was still a serious battle. Your first stop is to check the state of your tires and tire pressure.

The pressure drops in colder temperatures. If your tire pressure light is currently on, add some air. Then, check to see if your tires are bald. They may have lost a lot of traction over the winter. If that’s the case, prepare to get some new ones.

Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than having your car’s battery die when you least expect it. Yes, you can always get a jump, but who wants to go through all that? Don’t give your battery a chance to putter out. Test it to be sure the cable connections are clean and tight.

Have a service professional do a battery check to determine the remaining capacity. If you have AAA, you can request a free battery check and save yourself some money in the process. From their diagnosis, you can determine how much longer your battery has before you need to replace it.

Interior Cleaning

We’re not saying people don’t clean out their cars in the winter, but it’s not always a top priority. With all the salt, snow, and dirt accumulated over the months, the interior needs a thorough cleaning.

First, you’ll need a steam cleaner and pressure washer. Remove every unnecessary item from inside your car. Then, steam clean the seats and surface areas inside. Finally, remove the mats and use the pressure washer to clean them.

Engine Oil and Fluids

Check the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission levels. Proper levels are required for safe driving. If you plan to add the fluids yourself, use products that meet your vehicle’s specific qualifications.

Check the owner’s manual for further guidance. The manual will list exactly what fluids you need so you can shop for the correct ones online or in-store.

Central Air Check

Finally, you need that AC to work properly in the summer. Rolling down the windows will only get you so far. And it will do absolutely nothing when the temperature is 98 degrees and climbing.

Take a test drive with the AC running. If you notice any problems, take your car to an auto shop to run a diagnostic and see where it needs repairs.

Get your car prepared for the summer so you don’t have any trouble getting to the next major event.

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