How to increase testosterone levels quickly

4 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

From the desk of Chad Howse, best-selling author of the ,Man Diet.

Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone for men. Natural high levels of testosterone have been shown to reduce your risk of disease, cancer, and even depression. But testosterone is also on the decline…
Men are producing less and less of this hormone with each generation, and even with each decade! Your testosterone levels may even be more than 20% LOWER than your grandfather’s levels.
Why is this happening? We’ll cover that on the second page. For now, let’s figure out 7 ways you can force your body to produce more of it on its own.

1. Lose weight.

Low T is often accompanied by an excess of body fat. In fact, testosterone and body fat don’t play well together. The more body fat you have, the harder it becomes to produce high, natural testosterone levels. Starting an exercise program is incredibly important, but as you’ll read later, consuming the right foods at the right time is imperative.

If you want optimal testosterone levels. You’re going to need to lose fat. We’ll tell you the best way to do that in a bit…

2. Free your testosterone with D3.

There are a couple of forms of testosterone. That is, testosterone that’s bound to a protein, and “free testosterone”, or testosterone that isn’t bound to a protein. Most doctors and scientists believe that it’s this “free T” that’s the only form of the hormone that truly matters because, unlike the testosterone that’s bound to a protein, “free T” is free to move around the body and repair tissue.

Vitamin D3 has been shown to help “free” the testosterone that’s bound to a protein. You can get D3 from the sun, but more studies are beginning to show that it’s tough to get enough, especially in the winter months. As such, you should be supplementing with D3, consuming 3,000 IU’s upon rising, and again before bed.

3. Eat more animal fats.

Testosterone is produced when your body converts cholesterol into testosterone. If you’re not supplying your body with the building blocks of testosterone, it’s going to be hard to produce it at all, let alone at optimal levels.

Cholesterol comes from natural fats like animal fats, and fats we get from oils and nuts. They need to be a healthy, hefty part of your diet if you’re going to produce optimal levels. The trick is consuming them at the right time.

4. Don’t eat carbs at the WRONG TIME.

Insulin and testosterone don’t thrive alongside one another. If your insulin levels are constantly elevated – which occurs with a high-carb diet – your testosterone won’t have room to flourish.

The trick is not to remove carbs from your diet but to consume them at the right time. We’ll cover that on the official site of Men’s Diet.

Do This Before You Go To Bed to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels.

To accomplish any fitness goal, whether it’s building a healthier body or mind, getting stronger, ripped, or more muscular, optimal testosterone levels are a must.

The problem: Testosterone is in decline amongst men worldwide. That is, we’re producing lower levels of it than previous generations. Today, however, you’re in luck. Following this short, nightly routine, along with ,effective dieting and exercise, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.

So, what do you do?


How Testosterone Works

Testosterone is a powerful hormone that helps men repair tissue. It’s also proven to decrease the likelihood of depression, disease, and cancer. In short, we need it to be optimal.
T is produced in the testes, hence testosterone, when the body converts cholesterol into testosterone. So we need to feed our body the macros that produce testosterone, i.e. healthy animal fats.

Do This Before Bed To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Your body experiences a jolt in testosterone in the morning between 4 am and 6 am. That means that by consuming the right fats before you go to bed, you’re going to further aid this boost of testosterone that you have in the wee hours of the morning.
So, what should you eat before bed to naturally increase your testosterone levels?
It’s these fats that increase your testosterone levels that should be consumed pre-bedtime.
Here’s what to do…

  • 2 soft-boiled eggs
  • 3 Brazil nuts
  • 15 mg of zinc
  • 3,000 IU of vitamin D3

All before bedtime.

Zinc blocks aromatase, which is a precursor to estrogen. Estrogen negatively impacts your testosterone levels, so you want to be sure to keep them in check, while D3 “frees” the testosterone that’s bound to a hormone. It’s believed that “free testosterone” is the only testosterone that really matters, so D3 supplementation is very important.

But don’t stop with this nightly routine. Your testosterone levels are impacted by what you eat throughout the day, so you want to make sure you’re following the right diet.

5 Signs You May Be Suffering from Low Testosterone

If You’re Experiencing ANY Of These “5 Signs” It’s Time You Figure Out ,How to NATURALLY Enhance Your Testosterone Levels.

  1. You can’t build muscle (or you’re experiencing muscle loss).
  2. You’re getting fatter (or you cant burn fat).
  3. You’re not sleeping.
  4. You’re experiencing a low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction.
  5. You’re experiencing fatigue and a lack of energy.

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