How To Create More Luggage Space in Your Car

How To Create More Luggage Space in Your Car

Rideshare driving is a great way to supplement your income. If you do it right, you can create a fulfilling career while making your own schedule. The most successful rideshare drivers accommodate their passengers, including their luggage.

Many people use Uber and Lyft to get to and from airports. Naturally, they may have suitcases, bags, and other items that will need storage during the drive. Learn how to create more luggage space in your car to earn bigger tips for more comfortable rides.

Remove Personal Items

Most rideshare drivers have accessories to make the ride more pleasant. Dashboard phone holders, charging stations, chair pockets—all of these items give your rider a better experience. While these things don’t take up much space, you should be mindful about filling your car with too many personal items.

Clear your trunk of any bags, boxes, and large objects. Try to find compact car maintenance tools so you can fix any problems without wasting space. This way, your passengers can use all your storage compartments to transport their stuff safely.

Use All of Your Space

Sometimes, accommodating luggage is about working smarter, not harder. While Lyft’s luggage policies prohibit items from obstructing your view from windows and mirrors, that doesn’t mean you can’t store things in seats. Use all your free space to your advantage.

Add chair pockets to the backs of all your seats so your passengers can store smaller items. If your vehicle has three rows, lower the seats in the back row to extend your trunk space. While you aren’t obligated to pack and unpack your rider’s bags, doing so in a strategic way can help you earn higher tips and ratings.

Invest in a Larger Vehicle

Of course, the best way to create more luggage space in your car is to invest in a larger vehicle. Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, rideshare drivers who want to turn their side gig into a full-time career need to think about the bigger picture.

Lager cars don’t only add storage space; they also earn you more money. For example, UberXLs are more expensive than standard Uber rides. You can even transport more people at once, which will also make you more cash.

Becoming a successful professional driver is all about being strategic. Small accommodations go a long way for so many people. By keeping things like luggage space in mind, you can increase your income, be your own boss, and make money while traveling.

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