How First-Time Teachers Can Prepare Over the Summer

How First-Time Teachers Can Prepare Over the Summer

So, you’ve landed your first teaching job. While you may be itching to start your new career immediately, the summer break before your first school year presents a valuable opportunity to prepare for your upcoming teaching journey. Explore how first-time teachers can prepare over the summer to set themselves up for a successful first year in the classroom.

Set Goals

Summer is a great time to set goals for the upcoming school year and for your career. Remember to be realistic with your expectations. Teaching is a rewarding profession, but it isn’t free from difficulties. As you set new goals for the next chapter of your life, reflect on previous goals you’ve achieved. Reflection can allow you to figure out more effective approaches for future goals as well as celebrate how far you’ve come.

Read Books

Before it’s time for you to assign reading to students, assign yourself some reading. There are plenty of books teachers should add to their summer reading lists to enhance their personal and professional growth. You can prepare for your career by reading books on teaching methodologies, classroom management, educational psychology, and pedagogical strategies. Reading non-academic books that inspire you can be another great way to gain motivation for the upcoming school year.

Organize Your Classroom and Materials

Creating a well-organized and inviting classroom environment takes time. Use the summer break to organize your classroom space and teaching materials. As a first-time teacher, you may not have as many items for your classroom as those who have been in the profession for a long time. Consider DIYing posters for your classroom over the summer to add a personal touch or reaching out to more experienced teachers to see if they have materials they no longer want and can pass down to you. Don’t worry about creating the perfect classroom; you will have your whole career to make changes and get things just right.

Now that you know how first-time teachers can prepare over the summer, you can productively use this summer to get ready for the next step in your career. Remember to relax and spend some time with friends under the sun—the first day of school will be here before you know it.

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