Great Items To Offer at Your Next Charity Auction

Great Items To Offer at Your Next Charity Auction

There are numerous ways to raise money for a charitable organization, but one of the best ways is with a charity auction. These auctions will sell items to raise money for a cause, and the best items will get people to bid higher. Certain items will be a great addition to your next auction, giving you a better chance of receiving more money for your charity.


Many people appreciate the arts. Auctioning unique artwork, especially those signed by the artist, would be a great addition to your auction. How people feel about art is subjective. But chances are good that at least two people will be interested in a piece.

Paintings are the best artwork for auctions. They are easy to hang up, and even if someone doesn’t enjoy the actual artwork, they may like the frame that it comes in, which is sometimes more valuable than the painting. Sculptures and antiques are a good second option because they offer a pleasant feeling to a room that some people may be interested in. Art with various historical backgrounds may have a higher bid because of the value of preserving history and obtaining an item with historical value.

Gift Baskets

People enjoy gift baskets and the large plethora of items they offer. Numerous gift baskets may have different things, such as hair and skin care products, foods, sports gear, or many other things that people may find interesting. You could create a gift basket specifically for the people in the audience you know who will attend the auction. Having an item available that you know people will want will incentivize more bids for your charity.

Plane Tickets for a Vacation

Travel can be overly complicated, especially during holidays or the summer. Putting up plane tickets for auction will bring in more bids as many people want the chance to travel.

Free plane tickets to a nice vacation spot will be a tempting offer when you don’t want to pay for the price of plane tickets which can run very high depending on the company and the time of the year if it’s possible. Auctioning plane tickets for an out-of-the-country trip will hold people’s interest since it would be nice to travel somewhere far and unique.

A Flat-Screen TV

Many auctions offer TVs to guests as many people are always looking for new technology or an additional TV for the house. Flat-screens have become more popular because of the modern technology we use to watch TV and movies.

A flat-screen TV of at least 30 inches will make people want to bid. It won’t be the largest TV, but it will be nice to have, and people will most likely use it in some capacity.

Charities are an important part of helping those who are less fortunate, and the auction is a great method of raising money. Use these gift ideas to improve your auction and help those who need assistance, or donate to another organization, such as a charity that helps veterans or an animal shelter.

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