Common Mistakes That Apartment Managers Make

Common Mistakes That Apartment Managers Make

Running an entire property can have challenges, so having a steady schedule and plan is important to ensure you don’t miss inspections, upgrades, and other responsibilities. Poorly managing an apartment complex leads to aggravated tenants, failed inspections, stress, and expensive consequences.

Knowing these three common mistakes apartment managers make will help you prevent these issues from manifesting. This way, you can curb these problems and move forward with positive changes.

Having Poorly Trained Staff

Your staff is the spokesperson for the apartment complex. They attract potential tenants, and their attitude can seal the deal. When your staff has a positive attitude, it makes the process of leasing easier. Train your staff to be nice and helpful to residents and those interested in leasing. This way, your residents can feel confident in your services and recommend your complex to others.

Not Keeping Track of Written Agreements

Another mistake some apartment building managers make is not keeping all communication in writing. If you and a tenant agreed that it’s OK for them to pay rent later, you should have it on record. This way, you can make a note of it. If you don’t put it in writing, it’s easy for others to manipulate the rules and bypass rental agreements. To avoid disputes and stress, always negotiate and finalize arrangements in writing.

Neglecting To Keep the Property Updated

While your staff is your spokesperson, the landscape and aesthetic of the complex are the first impressions. Neglecting to keep your property neat, clean, and updated can damage your ratings and leave units vacant. Power wash your buildings, keep up with the landscaping, and update your units occasionally. This way, your tenants aren’t living in an outdated space.

There are typically signs when it’s time to upgrade your apartment’s features. For example, you may need to replace your mailbox unit if it’s malfunctioning. Don’t wait until it’s too late to maintain your property because you must deal with expensive consequences. On top of large expenses, you could miss out on potential tenants. So keep your property and all its equipment updated.

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