Bed Sheet Washing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Bed Sheet Washing Mistakes You Should Avoid

How did you learn to do laundry? Most of us were taught by adults in our lives, either our parents or another caregiver. Unfortunately, some of the washing information that gets passed down is wrong. You might make bed sheet washing mistakes you didn’t even know you should avoid. The four mistakes we list below are some of the most common ones that you may need to unlearn.

Washing Sheets With Other Items

You may have learned that laundry is laundry growing up. Organize the items according to color, then throw all those color-coded items in the laundry together. While this works for clothes, this doesn’t apply to bed sheets. You still need to separate sheets of different colors, but you need to wash sheets alone. An overcrowded washer can cause more wear and tear on your sheets and cause them to tangle with smaller items, meaning you must replace them faster. Save yourself money and wash sheets alone.

Assuming Stains Will Come Out

Washing machines do just that—they wash. If there’s a light stain on your sheets from body oil or another material, you may trust the washing machine to do its job and remove the stain without extra help. However, the most important tip for removing stains on your bamboo sheets or other types of sheets is to pre-treat them. Blot the stain as best you can, and then gently cleanse the area with an appropriate stain remover, such as a degreaser. There are various pre-treatment solutions you can buy on the market. Just make sure the one you get is a safe option for whatever caused the stain and for your sheets.

Drying Your Sheets on High Heat

Now that your stain-free sheets are out of the washing machine, you may think you’re in the clear. However, there are also some drying mistakes you should avoid, specifically high heat. High heat can wear out your sheets faster, forcing you to replace them sooner. Dry your sheets on a lower setting and allow them to air out the rest of the way for best results. You can clip them onto a traditional clothesline for air drying or place them in a container with a loose lid.

Forgetting Your Pillows

Yes, bed sheets are the most important part of your bedding. While you’re washing your sheets, though, you also need to consider washing your pillows. Pillows store lots of dirt and germs, just like sheets do. Wash your pillows and pillow covers according to manufacturer directions, such as tossing down-alternative pillows into a washing machine on gentle and tumbling them dry.

There are many mistakes you should avoid while washing bed sheets, but the four we listed above are the most prevalent. Even if you were trained to wash sheets and pillows incorrectly, you can change those habits now. Your sheets will thank you.

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