6 Essential Steps To Help Prepare for a Move

6 Essential Steps To Help Prepare for a Move

There are clear signs that it’s time to relocate that may prompt you to start looking for a new home. It may take you some time to find the right place. Also, moving is stressful—there’s no doubt about it. There are many things to remember, but these tips can save you from some headaches. These essential steps will help you prepare for a move.

Create a Timeline

When you’re moving, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you must do. If this is your first time moving in a while or if this move is particularly challenging, consider creating a timeline to help make sure you finish everything on time.

Figure out the exact deadline for when you need to be completely out of your old place, then work backward to set milestones. Focus on building up your timeline with relevant details like:

  • Your final date occupying your old space
  • Who will be helping out with packing up and unpacking on each end 
  • The date and time when packages will arrive at your new destination
  • The cleaning schedule for both locations

Decide What To Pack

It’s time to do some serious purging. If you’re like most people, your home is full of things that aren’t necessary and will only weigh you down during a move. The best way to prepare for a move is to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore or won’t take with you. This will help prevent unnecessary stress during the actual packing process because there will be less stuff for movers and helpers to handle!

Get Your Friends To Help 

Ask your friends and family that are physically able to help you move. This can help save some money on the transition, and you can show your gratitude by offering them pizza or beer for their services. Make sure they’re willing to help you and assign jobs to help things run smoothly. 

Do a Sweep

Once you’ve done your final clean up, it’s time to document the condition of the house. If you have a camera, take photos of each room and make a note of any items that may be damaged. Ask for a final walkthrough with the leasing office or landlord so that they can do an inventory of your space. Ask for receipts from everyone involved in your move so that there are no disputes later. This includes the moving company and deposits others owe you.

Label Each Box 

Another essential step that will help you prepare for a move is to use a label maker to help you stay organized. Label each box with the location in which you intend to place it in your new space. You can then label the doors in your new home so that movers know where they need to take things when they arrive on moving day. If you would like, you can add additional information like the box’s contents to help make unpacking as efficient as possible. 

Prepare for Your Move

Use your free time before moving day to ensure everything is ready to go. Ensure you have all the paperwork for each utility, including water and gas. Don’t pack up any items that you can use to cover furniture, such as sheets or old comforters. Finally, make sure you turn off the lights as you say your goodbyes and begin your next chapter in your new place.

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