5 Tips for Protecting Your Dog in a Natural Disaster

5 Tips for Protecting Your Dog in a Natural Disaster

Knowing how to protect your family when a natural disaster threatens your area is important. But in addition to your partner and your children, your family also includes your dog, and protecting animals is less straightforward. Review these five tips for protecting your dog in a natural disaster so that you can keep your favorite animal out of harm’s way.

Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Disaster Plan

You and your family may already have a plan for an emergency, such as a tornado or a hurricane. But make sure you don’t leave your dog out of it.

Decide how you will provide care for your beloved pooch when such a disaster hits. In addition, have a vet microchip your dog and ensure they wear their collar with its tag. These efforts will make your furry friend easier to find if you lose them.

Have a Pet-Friendly Area

If you and your family must take shelter in your basement during a storm, ensure that the area is pet friendly and free of dangers to your dog, such as poisonous items. You should bring some of their toys or bedding to the area so that they will be calmer as you wait until the storm passes together.

Find Suitable Accommodations

If your family must leave your home, you may have to go to an emergency shelter or make alternative living arrangements until repairs are possible. However, some places may not allow dogs to stay with you, and you must find other accommodations for your fur baby.

In some situations, you can cope with this by finding a dog boarding provider who can care for your favorite animal while you arrange for home repairs. If you’re unable to find a place that admits the human and canine members of your family, you can turn to the dog care experts at boarding facilities for help.

Make an Emergency Kit for Your Dog

Creating an emergency kit is another good tip for protecting your dog in a natural disaster. This kit should include everything they need to maintain their health, such as any medications, food, and water, as well as first-aid products.

You can even include items that will keep them occupied and comfortable, such as toys, a pillow, or bedding. In addition, you may want to add some grooming products that allow you to wash them after fleeing for shelter.

Get Your Dog Vaccinated

If your pup is overdue for their vaccinations, now is the time to take them for a visit with their vet. That will ensure that your dog is ready when a disaster happens. If you must leave your dog with a boarder, you won’t have to worry about whether the kennel will accept your canine without having their vaccinations.

As a pet owner, you must do what is best for your furry friend, especially in an emergency. These tips will help you and your dog get through it, ensuring you can make more fun memories together after the weather clears.

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