4 Ways To Connect With Coworkers Remotely

4 Ways To Connect With Coworkers Remotely

Remote work offers many wonderful advantages for both employers and employees. However, when you don’t see your coworkers in person, it can be easy to feel like you’re always working solo. To maintain a productive and collaborative virtual workplace, consider these ways to connect with coworkers remotely.

Participate in a Virtual Coffee Break

When you work in person, it’s easy to take a mid-morning coffee break with your coworkers. However, there’s no reason you can’t continue the ritual online. Block off some time on your calendar every other day or every few days to connect with others via video chat.

During the get-together, everyone can sip on their favorite morning beverage and discuss non-work-related topics, such as favorite TV shows, weekend plans, etc. A designated time to socialize with your team members will help you feel closer and learn more about them outside of the workplace.

Turn Your Camera On

Another easy way to connect with coworkers remotely is to turn your camera on for meetings. Although it may seem like a chore to have your camera on, the ability to see everyone’s face makes any interaction more personable.

Body language and facial expressions are critically important parts of effective communication. When you can’t see the person you’re talking to, you miss out on both elements. Plus, it’s easier to feel validated when you can see the other person nodding or smiling in response. Seeing coworkers on camera is also a nice reminder that everyone is part of a larger team working toward common goals.

Prioritize Virtual Lunch

Like a coffee break, a virtual lunch is a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues. When you work in person, it’s commonplace to grab a bite to eat with your coworkers, and you can recreate this by eating together online.

Feel free to reach out to colleagues to see if they’re interested in spending their lunch break with you. You can also organize a small group if you’re not comfortable with a one-on-one video call. If you’re in a leadership position, consider organizing a team lunch approximately once a month for your team members to connect in a low-pressure setting.

Ask a Question of the Day

Connecting with coworkers is essential to building a high-performance team culture. When colleagues feel valued and close to one another, it’s easier to collaborate, innovate, and maintain high levels of productivity.

An easy way to bond with team members is by asking a question of the day via the chat platform you use. Be sure the question is fun and engaging, such as “What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?” or “Name a movie you can watch 100 times and never get bored.” If you need help generating questions, there are many online resources that offer great icebreaker prompts.

Maintaining strong relationships between coworkers takes a bit more thought and effort when working remotely. However, it’s certainly possible to connect with your colleagues on a social level. When everyone feels like they’re part of a team, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can accomplish together.

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