3 Tips for Layering Your Necklaces This Summer

3 Tips for Layering Your Necklaces This Summer

Adding a piece of jewelry to an outfit is the best way to immediately infuse it with luxury. Unfortunately, these luxurious accessories can feel monotonous once you’ve worn them the same way for a long time. If you want to update your look or make beloved pieces feel like new, the best option is to layer them. You can layer your necklaces this summer to create a fresh look that adds visual depth to your outfit. Follow the three tips below if you’ve never tried necklace layering before.

Choose an Anchor Piece First

To add the right amount of visual depth to your outfit, you must balance your layered necklaces. Balance comes from choosing an anchor piece that will help your necklaces form a cohesive accessory. You can choose a necklace of any length for your anchor piece, but the anchor piece should be the item with the biggest charm. Bigger, heavier charms often come on larger chains and naturally fall to the bottom layer. However, a mid-length necklace with an eye-catching charm or a short necklace with a unique texture can also serve as the anchor piece.

Try To Space the Necklaces Evenly

Once you’ve chosen your anchor piece, you can pick out additional necklaces to layer around it. While you can choose necklaces of any length, the layers look best when they are roughly two inches apart. Spacing them this way prevents tangling while you’re wearing them and gives each piece its own moment to shine. However, rules are made to be broken, and you can wear pieces closer together if you’d like. Overlapping necklaces will create a unique look, which is exactly what many people are hoping to achieve.

Embrace Mixed Styles and Textures

Some people prefer to perfectly match the style and texture of their layered necklaces. While this will create a single cohesive accessory, it doesn’t offer much visual impact. Embracing mixed styles and textures that still adhere to one similar theme can create a more dynamic look that won’t appear as though you got dressed in the dark.

For example, you could choose a nautical theme for your layered necklaces. Within this theme, you could wear a large gold sand dollar necklace as your anchor piece. Add a short strand of pearls a few inches above and an aquamarine drip necklace on a gold chain below. Each piece has a unique texture, but they’re all reminiscent of the ocean, so they’ll look beautiful together. Continue to experiment with luxurious designer necklaces until you find the right theme that allows you to confidently mix styles and textures.

Following these three tips for layering your necklaces will allow you to dress in a luxurious fashion this summer and every other season. Consider layering necklaces, bracelets, and rings to create similarly luxurious looks with other pieces of jewelry.

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