3 Money-Making Tips for Delivery Drivers

3 Money-Making Tips for Delivery Drivers

Delivery service jobs are typical for many people, but they involve making the most money from each delivery. It’s best not to rely solely on tips to make more money, and you’ll need some helpful ways to ensure you gain the most from your deliveries. Read on to learn some money-making tips for delivery drivers and increase your income one delivery at a time.

Drive During the Busiest Times

There are parts of the day when people are more likely to order food. These times typically occur during the afternoon or at night when people eat lunch and dinner. Delivering later in the day will grant you more opportunities for tips, and you’ll make more money from higher sums of deliveries.

People will buy more food for dinner, which leads to higher costs and may increase the amount they tip. If someone orders a $70 order and wants to give you a 20 percent tip, you’ll have a $14 tip on top of what you’ve paid in other fees. Pick your time wisely and wait for more opportunities as the sun starts to set as a way to make more money as a delivery driver.

Drive for the Best Apps

Certain apps will have different base pay and offer various percentages of the delivery fee for drivers. A good money-making tip for delivery drivers is to drive for the apps that pay the most. DoorDash and Postmates are some of the best food delivery services that pay the most because of their larger base pay and average salaries.

This average derives from the amount you make in tips and the hourly rate of the job. Working long hours driving around the city should feel worth it. Drive for a delivery service with a higher guaranteed pay rate to avoid relying on your tips for income.

Hang Around the Best Areas for Delivery

Some parts of your town or city, such as a college campus, have a higher delivery frequency. These locations are hotspots that will guarantee higher earnings from the more frequent requests for delivery.

Drive around these locations in the afternoon and be one of the first available drivers to receive a request. College students will use delivery apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats after a long day or when they want to hang out with a group of friends. When they get hungry, your opportunity will arrive, and you’ll have a large order to deliver.

Making the most money while delivering is essential every time you clock in the count. Use these money-making tips as a delivery driver to help you bring in more income and increase your earnings with every drop-off.

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