3 Helpful Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

3 Helpful Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

When we think back to our childhood, we probably huffed and puffed every time our parents beckoned us to the phone to say hi to one of our relatives. As we age and mature, we realize that nothing is more important in our lives than family. However, family members don’t reside in one area, which can make gatherings few and far between.

That is why when reunions finally happen, they can feel so exciting. You want to make sure you have everything in order so that the day goes smoothly. Keep reading for some helpful tips on planning for your next family reunion.

1. Have a Solid Location

No matter if your gathering will host a bunch of relatives or a few, it is a great idea to have a solid location. You may need to reserve an area, home, or space where everyone can gather. Many people like to host family reunions outside in parks or spacious backyards. Hosting your event outdoors is the perfect option as it allows for relatives to mingle, make the rounds, and see everyone there.

However, if your event will be outside, make sure you plan in accordance with the weather. As such, you may want to purchase a canopy tent as it provides shelter from the elements, be it rain, wind, or shine.

2. Have Many Activities

While the joy of seeing family is more than enough to get everything there, it is a good idea to make sure you have a bunch of fun activities for people to do. Although everyone is family, they might not have seen each other in a while, which can lead to awkwardness at the beginning. An activity is a great way to break the ice and allow for fun to ensue. You can do many fun things like a three-legged race, a scavenge hunt, or cornhole.

3. Have Good Communication

One of the most helpful tips you need to know when planning a family reunion is to communicate well with everyone involved. That means clue them in on all the important information. A great way to do this is by creating a list of the activities, foods, and general details for the gathering. What’s more, good communication also allows for other family members to offer a lending hand.

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