The Importance of Wearing Hand Protection in Cold Weather

The Importance of Wearing Hand Protection in Cold Weather

When you’re outside, you should always do your best to protect yourself from anything that could cause harm. When it’s colder outside, this becomes especially true as your body becomes susceptible to winter conditions that can harm your health and body if not properly cared for.

This requires dressing appropriately to prevent anything like that from happening, especially to the extremities like your hands and feet. This outline will show you the importance of wearing hand protection in cold weather so that you’ll know what to do to protect yourself when those conditions present themselves.

Keeping a Solid Core

Maintaining your core temperature while out in chilly conditions could mean the difference between staying safe and being in danger. Your hands and feet must stay warm to function properly. If your hands get too cold, you could permanently harm them.

Bones Hold Warmth

Fortunately, your hands have bones in them which also contain blood vessels. This simply means that the blood that pumps through those vessels helps keep your bones warm and at their core temperature.

Under normal circumstances, it’s easy for your body to keep itself at a normal temperature. However, you’ll find it more difficult for the body to do this under extreme conditions. The way you can avoid your core temperature alternating is to wear the proper hand protection.


In extreme cases where individuals don’t protect themselves in colder conditions and cannot maintain a proper temperature, their hands develop frostbite. When this happens, the hands can no longer support the adequate temperature to keep them operational, which is when they will start to decay and die off from the body.


The most severe problem is when people experience hypothermia. When the entire core has been affected, and the core temperature drops below a certain degree, hypothermia sets in.

This condition is where the whole body will slowly stop functioning until the individual ceases to live and breathe. If you’ve been paying attention to all the other things we have listed up to this point, you’ll know the signs and symptoms of what to look for and recognize to prevent hypothermia while outdoors.

Now that you know the importance of wearing hand protection in cold weather, you’ll be ready before the colder months settle in. This piece should give you all the information needed to get through the winter season and protect your hands from colder conditions.

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