Productive Things To Do While Unemployed

Productive Things To Do While Unemployed

Make the most out of unemployment by staying productive. Try new things, network with professionals, and become a better person. For ideas, check out these productive things to do while unemployed and begin your journey of self-improvement.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

Local governments often provide free resources to help people find jobs, build resumes, and network with professionals. Reach out to local job boards and offices to discover new opportunities. Don’t let job search systems fall to the side. Take advantage of free programs!

Learn New Skills

New skills can give you an edge in the workforce as they enhance your resume. So, seize the opportunity and learn something new! Find free online or in-person classes that spark your interest. You could take a writing class, learn web development, or sharpen your public speaking skills.

During your classes, you’ll network with teachers and other students. New connections may lead to future employment opportunities. You never know what lies ahead.

Update Your Resume

Of course, finding a new job is the goal while unemployed. But, before you meet potential employers, it’s best to update your resume with current information. After all, job searching while unemployed is easier with an updated resume because it highlights relevant work experience.

Make sure the page is error-free and accurately discusses your background. If you have online profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, update them to match the information on your resume.

Create a Side Hustle

Turn some of your free time into a side hustle. Think of part-time or freelance jobs you can do. Everything from babysitting to freelance writing are suitable jobs to earn extra cash that you can use to pay for daily expenses like bills, groceries, and gas.

You can sometimes maintain your side hustle after securing a full-time job. There’s never a wrong time to increase your income!


Give back to your community while increasing your skills. Volunteering is a productive thing to do while unemployed because you gain valuable experience and interact with community leaders. Depending on the endeavor, volunteering may inspire you to follow a new career path. For example, mentoring youth may lead you to become a teacher or counselor.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Dealing with unemployment is challenging and can take a toll on your mental health. Losing a job is overwhelming, stressful, and leads to uncertainty about the future.

But, during this time, it’s crucial to prioritize your mental health. Acknowledge your situation and create an action plan to maintain the best version of yourself.

Develop a routine that includes physical and mental activity. For instance, schedule daily walks and meditation. Partake in enjoyable activities and remain positive.

Reframe Your Thinking

Unemployment isn’t ideal, and it’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. That said, reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. Instead of saying, “I’m never going to find a job,” say, “I’m a great asset to the workforce, and I will find a great job.” Positive affirmations boost confidence and keep you motivated!

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