Old-School Business Practices You Should Still Do

Old-School Business Practices You Should Still Do

The world is constantly changing, and many business professionals think they need to change with it. Sometimes, this is true. For example, updating the technology in your office is a great way to stay connected with your clients. However, some old-school business practices are best. Keep reading to learn about the ones you should still do so you and your business can thrive.

Writing Thank-You Notes

As the world changes, it seems to get busier. That busier attitude means business professionals are skipping practices that they deem unnecessary, such as writing thank-you notes after meetings or interviews. You don’t need to handwrite the note and send it via snail mail. However, reaching out to tell someone you appreciate them is a great way to bring a genuine attitude to your business practices. You can write a quick thank-you email after a virtual interview or stick a note on a coworker’s desk to thank them after they helped you in a meeting. People will appreciate your appreciation, even if it’s small.

Taking Long Lunch Breaks

Another business practice we’re losing as the world gets busier is longer lunch breaks. So many people in various stages of their careers think that to succeed, they need to chain themselves to their desks, even during lunch. However, eating while working requires multitasking, which often doesn’t work as well as people think. Taking longer lunch breaks to slow down and eat, take a walk, or chat with coworkers can increase productivity and keep employees healthier. If you’re a manager, encourage the people you manage to take their full lunch breaks away from their desks, then lead by example.

Handing Out Business Cards

Business cards are the first tangible connection you give a potential partner or client. Some people think it’s easier to skip the tangible part and give out virtual business cards. However, there are many benefits of using physical business cards instead of virtual ones. Old-school business cards don’t depend on the internet or the smartness of someone’s device. They’re always available and always look the same. Invest in some good business cards so you can always hand them out and create that good connection.

You should still do these old-school business practices because they make life and business better. When people know you appreciate them, take the time to care for themselves at lunch, and have access to good business cards, they can thrive, and so can you.

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