Job Seeker’s Guide: How To Create a Stand-Out Resume

Job Seeker’s Guide: How To Create a Stand-Out Resume

Employers receive countless resumes for a single job, and by making yourself stand out, competing becomes easier. Your resume is your first impression, and most employers scan it for key information before deciding if they want to learn more. A well-crafted resume can increase your chances of landing an interview, which can ultimately lead to a job. Delve into the top tips on how to create a stand-out resume so that you’re more likely to land an interview!

Tailor It for Jobs

One of job seekers’ biggest mistakes is having a generic resume for each job application. Employers look for candidates who are a good fit for their specific needs as a company. As you read through a job posting, jot down all the skills listed so that you can add the ones you have to your resume.

Don’t include irrelevant information that could clutter your resume and detract from their overall impression of you. For instance, if you applied to a grant writing job and interned as one in college, add this. However, if the job is for accounting, you don’t need to write about your experience in grant writing.

List Essential Skills

Research industry-specific skills and certifications that most employers require based on the position you want. Detail the skills you have on your resume and enroll in courses at a community college or online classes for the ones you don’t possess.

When it comes to the skills employers want to see on your resume, never overlook the power of transferable abilities, such as time management, communication, and flexibility. These skills benefit any career and often tie back to your work ethic.

Use Action-Oriented Statements

Your resume should clarify what you’ve accomplished in your past positions to prove that you’re the ideal candidate for the role. Use action-oriented statements, such as “improved workflow by doing X,” “revamped inventory system,” or “helped to onboard x-number of clients per month.” These examples highlight your achievements and your impact.

Get specific and quantify whenever possible. Use numbers and data to back up your statements and show your results.

Make It Easy To Read

Another tip on how to create a stand-out resume is to use bullets and a clear font to present your information in an organized and concise fashion. Your resume should be visually appealing and easy to follow. The quicker the recruiter or employer can read your resume, the more likely they are to retain certain points and even shortlist you.

Proofread Your Resume

Nothing detracts from a strong resume like grammatical errors or typos. A spelling or grammar error could also be why employers toss your resume. While spell-checking tools can be helpful, they are never foolproof.

After rereading your resume, ask a friend or family member to review it. Even the smallest mistake can raise red flags about your attention to detail and professionalism.

Create the perfect resume so that you can interview for your dream position!

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