An Exploration of Sustainable Decking Options

An Exploration of Sustainable Decking Options

As the years march by, more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to take care of our environment. Luckily, the ability to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle is simple, and you can incorporate it into every aspect of your life. If you’re serious about this, you can find ways to make your decking more sustainable. Check out our exploration of sustainable decking options below. 

Composite Decking 

There are tons of advantages to building a custom deck, but there’s also a lot to consider. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is the material you’ll use. Composite decking is popular for people looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Composite decking materials contain plastic and recycled wood fibers. These materials usually come repurposed from other materials. By using decking like this, you keep wood from ending up in landfills, and you reduce the demand for new lumber. Remember—wood isn’t an inexhaustible resource. Trees take time to grow. So using repurposed older materials is often the way to go. 

Bamboo Decking

Bamboo is a great renewable resource. This is because bamboo grows at twice the rate of regular wood. Whereas hardwood might take years to grow to its fullest extent, bamboo grows quickly. Bamboo is an ideal choice since it’s moisture and pest resistant and doesn’t require much maintenance. It also boasts incredible longevity. Due to its durability, you’ll be far less likely to step on a loose nail or deal with warping. It’s a great choice in our exploration of sustainable decking options. 

Reclaimed Wood Decking

Did you know you can incorporate pieces of someone’s old barn into your deck? It’s more than possible to install a deck of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is aged and offers a great vintage look. You would never know that people repurposed it. You’ll be happy that you decided to preserve the earth’s valuable resources. Now that you’ve seen the impact you can have by using the best decking materials for the environment, all that’s left is to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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