3 Ways To Prevent Injuries From Falls at Home

Slips, trips, and falls are common injuries people endure at home over time. Some can be minor, but others can lead to severe issues, so it’s essential to consider how to prevent such injuries from happening under your roof. Get familiar with these ways to prevent injuries from falls at home so you can feel safer on your property ASAP.

Find Quality Handrails

Slipping on the stairs is a common way that homeowners injure themselves. Many people may not hold onto a handrail because they view themselves as agile and fast, but that doesn’t mean they can’t trip down the stairs. Install quality handrails and slow down when climbing the stairs to ensure you can reach each level safely.

Relying on a homeowner’s guide to DIY steel handrail installation will help you achieve a stable and reliable result. You should feel peace of mind when putting weight on a handrail, so quality materials and proper installation are essential. Install additional handrails around the house if you have staircases inside or outside that require extra support.

Clean Cord Clutter

Thanks to the many electrical devices in homes, cords and wires get scattered everywhere. Don’t worry; if you’ve accrued wire clutter in the living room or bedroom, know you’re not alone. It’s easy for this type of clutter to happen.

So, if you find yourself tripping over cords constantly, then now is the perfect time to consider a better layout. Try to hide the cables under a mat or beneath a workstation. You can run the cords against a nearby wall to keep them out of the way of foot traffic. Add a side table or basket to rooms where you need easy access to chargers. That way, you can unplug them when you don’t need the chargers to prevent them from unnecessarily cluttering the floor. You shouldn’t have to trip whenever you need to plug your phone charger into the wall.

Prioritize Outdoor Stairs

Another easy and important way to prevent injuries from falls at home is to remember your outdoor stairs. Outdoor staircases exist in various forms, such as on front porches, back patios, and leading down to a home’s basement. It’s easy to overlook these stairs if you don’t use them as often as the main stairs inside. Thus, outdoor steps can easily accrue falling hazards.

Loose boards make it easy to trip on wooden stairs. In addition, snow, ice, and rain can make steps slippery to walk on, which makes it easier to fall, too. Watch out for dog toys, too, if you have pets running around the yard. Like with cords, having a dedicated storage space for dog toys gives you an easy place to put them away so you don’t constantly trip over them. You should regularly check outdoor stairs to keep them clean and safe for everyone. Reevaluate your home design with the help of the tips above to make easy, positive changes to your property now.

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